A way of living outdoor since 1951


Innovative functions, tailor made to work underneath bare skies

Right from day one when Tenson was established in the little Swedish coastal town of Varberg in 1951, it was a brand with groundbreaking functionality at its heart. We sweat to make sure you get a garment with world-class functionality for your active outdoor life. Our vision is to become one of the no 1 players in Europe within functional outerwear and to sell our way of living. “A way of living” has been our slogan and guiding star since the beginning and is all about enjoying an active life in the outdoors. We are striving everyday to cherish our heritage of making clothes where fashion and function are in harmony with a fresh look.

History Moments

Tenson - 1978


In this year, Paul Rydholm placed his faith in a swimwear collection with a surfing theme, having drawn inspiration from a trip to Paris and the French magazine Elle. In the course of an intensive nights sewing in a hotel room, the collection was born and proved to be extremely popular when launched.

Tenson - 1971


At the start of this decade, hippies and flower power were high on the agenda. Tenson's swimwear collection was completely dominated by this lifestyle. This collection totally radiated “A way of living“. As someone said, “Imagine if just once in your life, you could enjoy a summer like how it’s portrayed in a Tenson brochure”.

Tenson - 1972


Tough cross-country ski clothes and functional garments for tennis also raised Paul Rydholm’s pulse. Clothing for the aware man with an active lifestyle. Or as Paul himself put it, “Tenson Man - the guy on the move. Cold and warm, a ladies man”.

Tenson - 1979


The Himalaya jacket, born in 1972, is a great example of functionality, Tenson style. Loved by generations of skiers, sailors and city dwellers, this is a real tough garment you’ll never want to be parted from. These days it’s also wind and waterproof.

Tenson - 1985


By the 80’s Tenson had decided to concentrate business on two corner stones - outdoor and alpine. The type of clothing Paul Rydholm applied his engineer’s heart to - clothes that protect against rain, cold, wind and snow. By the start of the 90’s, this had made Tenson the leading outdoor brand in several European countries.

Tenson - 1998


Even in modern times, it’s hard to resist Paul Rydholm’s description of a typical Tenson leisure time guy: “Tenson-Man a tough guy. Likes racing, driving his VW, saving pennies for a Ferrari. Also likes to walk in the forest with girls, pick windflowers and such. Tenson-Man, a smart guy. Only wants the best of everything”.

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